Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One week to go....

Week 39

Had my 39th week appointment today and not much has changed since last week. I was hopeful but people kept telling me this was probably the case. People also keep telling me how HUGE I am and ask me when I'm going to have this baby. I have to say, sometimes I forget I am even pregnant. I am really feeling great and have nothing to complain about and if he wants to stick around another 3 weeks then so be it. He will need the time and I have faith he will come when he is ready.

My last day at work is Friday which is pretty sweet, even if I am sitting around waiting for him to show up.

So I finally succumbed to the H1N1 vaccine. After weeks of research, Luke and I pray we made the right decision for me and Baby GPI. I guess time will tell. I do feel good knowing that he might be protected for the 1st 6 months of life because I am still carrying him. So the waiting game begins I guess. I have 6 more days until I am 40 weeks and then 20 days before induction if he doesn't get here before that.

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The Sims said...

Yes, I too am getting the shot tomorrow. Eeekkk.. and it looks like it is the one with thimerasol but, its better to be safe than sorry. I love your belly shots & can't wait to see you and this baby:) Good luck. Hopefully things will start to move right along, til then enjoy your "alone" time.

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