Monday, November 23, 2009

Where's the instruction manual?

Babies...don't they come with some sort of manual to tell you how much of something they should or should not be doing and how best to be a parent? Trust me, I have been reading all of my books and doing lots of Internet searching only to figure out that I think I have to figure it out for myself.

Today Gage has been eating much better(he slowed for the last 2 days), however now he is vomiting up everything he is eating. I was so proud he was a good eater again until he literally vomited up EVERYTHING he had eaten all day and it was this fabulous yellowish color. He got another bath to get the puke smell to go away and then did it all over again at the next feeding, although on a smaller scale since he didn't have much in his tummy. We are now on feeding 3 since the puke and so far so good.

Last night was Gage's 1st night in his cradle and at 1st he wasn't buying it. He had been sleeping in his comfy hammock on the pack and play and this was just too flat for his liking, although it is much better for him. We figured out that although we didn't think we needed to swaddle him (since his hammock does that nicely), that this was the only way he was going to sleep in the cradle. It was just much too big for him and he was flailing all about. I think babies look so pitiful as Glo-worms but that was his fate and he slept for almost 3 hours at at time. We'll see how tonight goes.

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Anonymous said...

Gage is so cute. Those are some great pictures. Grandma and Granddad Satterfield were so happy when we went out to eat. But we've got to get Gage to understand early on that there is only one real university in VA - UVA... LOL. Take care and enjoy the holiday. Lee

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