Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still Counting...and now not sleeping

Well, I was officially wrong. Went to the dr. this am and there is no change from last week ....which really means nothing at all, since some people go from zero to 10 in less than 24 hours and others take weeks. I just hope he decides to come within the next 13 days, but you can't rush these things so I will leave it up to him. (I know, I know, who am I trying to convince?) Anyway, the dr. I saw today is on call Friday so I told him I'd see him then, he said he hoped so... I did lose 2 lbs this week which is what happened to a friend of mine right before she went in to labor, so I will bet on that one.

The good news is, (or not so good) is that my computer crashed last week and all of my grad school work from the last few weeks is gone, but at this point I'm not doing it over. I have other, greater things in my life to worry about. Thank God I got my 20 page paper turned in before it died. I knew it was going to happen... a few weeks ago it was acting funny and Luke claimed he fixed it. I should've been backing up EVERYTHING, but that's not something I would think of doing with a less than a year old computer that shouldn't crash at any minute.

The other good news is that I am now not sleeping either. Everyone told me it was hard at the end but I had been doing fine up until about Sunday. Ah well, I'll live, not like I have to go to work anyway...speaking of work, if GPI doesn't get here soon, all of my sick leave will be sucked away!

Hopefully the next time you read this, there will be pictures of the little guy to post. Here's to Friday the 13th!

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Melissa Schmelzer said...

Hope he arrives soon! Otherwise, feel free to stop by for Tys brithday lunch Sat at 11 30! Or his party at 1 30 at Total Sports! (:

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