Saturday, November 27, 2010

Behind again- 4 more....

Ok, so it's clear that I didn't keep up this year at all and that I'll be more realistic next time I want to start a meme on my blog.  At least noone attempted to follow along though and didn't show me up at my own game.  In any case, with November winding down, I have 4 more reasons to be thankful.

a)  I am thankful for a few days off to spend time with not only my immediate family, but also with extended family and old friends,

b) from that I am thankful for keeping in touch with friends I have known for 15-25 years.  It is always great to see them, even if just for a few mintues and incredible that we're still as close as we are.

c)  I am thankful for Grandma who spent time with Gage while Luke and I enjoyed an afternoon out, a morning to sleep in and meals that we could eat when they were actually hot!

d)  Finally, I am thankful for traveling safely to and from my parents' house, for not running into too much traffic and for everyone else's safe travels this Holiday weekend.

A Thanksgiving post and pictures to come.


Skye said...
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It's good to take time out and be thankful. reading all the great posts today I've actually started to appreciate th e people and things I have in my life too. Lovely post and a lovely blog. I am your latest follower from the Sunday Relax and Surf Sunday blog hop. See you again soon. Carol from

Ron Cooper said...

Hi Amy and Luke,

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I am excited to become friends. I am now following you through the relax and surf Sunday.

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