Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2: Sleepless in Bristow...

It's been 10 days now...since Gage has slept through the night.  I guess this is what I get for bragging about what a good sleeper he's been all these months.  I swear, I feel  like I'm a new mom again, dragging my tail to work after interrupted sleep.  We're not quite sure what's going on, but since last Sunday Gage has been up SCREAMING once a night. He skipped last Thurs. and decided to sleep through the night and this week we have won the jackpot and he has been up twice the last 2 nights.  The 1st few times it happened we were very concerned b/c he never screams....or really even cries.  But after inspection, nothing really seemed to be wrong and he went right back to sleep.  Then...the cycle continued.  Every night he gets up, stands up at the end of his crib and screams bloody murder.  We go in, we pick him up and w/in 30 seconds he's back asleep....we put him down and that's that.  Very odd.  Although he's been up the last 2 nights twice, it's much of the same and as soon as we go in there he is back to sleep w/in minutes.  We did decide last night he needed a little Ferberizing and we let him cry for a whole 5 mins. (I know, daring, right?)  He screamed the whole time.  However, the 2nd time we let him be for 7 mins!  ha....he actually took a few breaks, maybe to catch his breath, or maybe to listen to make sure we were coming, either way, it didn't seem as desperate.  Tonight is another night and we'll keep our fingers crossed this phase is over. 

Although we are having this slight inconvenience at our house this week, today I am very thankful for a happy and healthy child.  Unfortunately, there are so many families that aren't so lucky.  We will attempt not to take this for granted and will count our blessings and thank God for Gage to be growing and developing adequately and getting healthy reports at every check up.  Of course we're also thankful for Gage to be a happy and easy baby 98% of the time.

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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Gage and Mason must be exchanging e-mails or something because the same thing is going on here. My super awesome "has slept through the night since he was 4 weeks old" baby has now turned into "Wake up 4-5 times every night and act like he has no intention of going back to sleep ever again" baby and I'm NOT having a good time with this change. And of course, everyone is all "Yep, that's what babies do, but dang, I'm really used to sleeping by now!!

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