Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three more...

I think I counted  right....here are 3 more reasons why we're thankful this November.

a) our wonderful parents who instilled good moral values in us and taught us to work for what we wanted and to stand up for what we believe in,

b)  4.5 days off to celebreate Thanksgiving with my little sweetie pie,

c)  I am thankful to Luke who gets up at 445am every morning so that he can be home at 5pm to spend some time with Gage before he goes to sleep, what a wonderful Daddy!

I realized that I repeated being thankful for breastfeeding for a whole year, so I guess I gotta come up w/ one more- I am thankful to our pediatricians that have gotten us through the 1st year of parenthood and answered all my 1000's of questions-- it's hard finding a good doctor!

A post on his year check up to come.

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