Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Year Old....

Dear Gage

I suppose I'm the worst mother on the blogging circuit that I'm writing you your birthday letter almost a week late.  I didn't even get a Happy Birthday post up for you last Sunday, we were too busy partying!  ha....That's fine, I'll forgive myself if you forgive me.  I just can't sit in front of the computer and blog when I could be playing with you- or cleaning up my house from the party's aftermath.

You are truly amazing these days.  You are learning things so quickly and I love to watch your new found independence and imagination.  You are starting to show your little opinion and are just starting to show frustration as well.  Last month I wrote that the time b/w 10-11 months flew by so quickly that I missed it, however, after reading your 11 month letter, it seems like years ago.  There's so much to update on, I'll just make a list this time, or we'll be here 'til next month.

*still only 2 teeth
*finally into your 12 mo. clothes, although they're still a little big (right around 20lbs. is my guess)
*not sleeping well at night (sometimes you're up 4x a night)
*napping better at daycare
*refusing afternoon nap at home
*say these words on a regular basis:  kitty, uh oh, Daddy
*has said:  bubble, ouch, cookie
*imitates kitty meowing
*crawling SUPER fast on hands and knees
*loves to cruise and has let go briefly to stand on your own

Gage, it is so so neat to just sit back and watch you every day.  You are able to play on your own well and love to flip through books.  However, daycare says you play well w/ other children as well.  You still love to dance and do so every time you hear music. 

We haven't turned your carseat around yet.  I'm not entirely sure you meet the weight limit anyway, but I'm going to keep you turned around, at least for another few months.  It's just so much safer.

You have also become quite the picky eater these days.   Just a few months ago you would eat anything in sight, now some days you'll like something and some days you won't.  You'll just toss if off the side of your high chair-too bad we don't have a dog.  You still LOVE cheese but your tummy doesn't always show the same sentiments.  You are eating more and more 'big boy' food these days and only eat baby food for breakfast and when you refuse school lunch.  We haven't tried eggs yet, but they are next on the list.  I can't imagine though any allergies, we've given you so much with egg in it by now.  You have added an afternoon snack to your regime and we're thinking about a morning one as well.  You are now down to 2 breastfeedings a day- one in the am and one in the pm.  You drink your whole milk ok but REFUSE to drink it if it's cold...we're working on that one.  You also haven't gotten the complete hang of the sippy cup yet and although you drink water out of for meal times, you refuse to drink any kind of milk from it.  I have a feeling we might just have to drop the bottle cold turkey, if you're thirsty, you'll drink. My goal is to be bottle free by Xmas, we'll see what the doc has to say about that next week.

I'm sure the age of one will bring its challenges- eating and sleeping- is what the books say.  Sounds about right, for now.  But I also can't imagine the joys and special moments it will bring as well.  I just can't wait for you to begin walking, for your first ride to look at Christmas lights, for the 1st summer that you'll be able to run in circles on the beach.  There is just so much to look forward to and we could not be any happier. As we always say, we know are blessed beyond belief and are so lucky to have you in our lives.  I can't believe it's been a year baby boy.  Momma and Daddy love you so so much!


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